2021 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

New Year, new bathroom?

The past year has changed the way people treat their homes. Gone are the days when rooms have their own purpose. Now, every room can serve as your work-from-home station. Bedrooms have become home offices, and living rooms serve as your Zoom meeting space. But while everything seems to have changed, the purpose of bathrooms still remains the same – a place for comfort, retreat, and relaxation.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, there are plenty of 2021 bathroom renovation ideas you should try out. Make yourself feel even more at ease with a fresher and grander bathroom with the few tweaks and upgrades you’ll discover as you read along.

2021 Bathroom Design Trends You Should Try Out

2021 Bathroom Design Trends You Should Try Out

It’s time to reinvent your bathroom experience. Combine hygiene, comfort, and style with these 2021 bathroom renovation ideas you shouldn’t miss:

  • Backlit Mirrors and Backlit Medicine Cabinets

Mirrors and medicine cabinets are must-haves in every bathroom. It’s where you check yourself every morning, and it’s where you keep your prescriptions and supplements so you can start and end your day with health in mind. Nowadays, one of the top trends among homeowners is backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets.

Not only do these look chic and modern, but backlights also set the mood for a subdued and relaxing environment. When paired with textured walls, backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are also cool focal points in a bathroom. 

  • Floating Vanities

Having a floating vanity is one of the top renovation ideas that people ask for. These wall-mounted vanities have a ‘floating’ look that elevates the atmosphere of your bathroom. Not only are these useful (they have a sink, storage, and countertop), but it also makes cleaning easier for homeowners.

Floating vanities make your bathroom look clean and spacious, and add a certain charm to your room as well.

  • Botanical Walls

One of the new features making waves in the bathroom renovation trends list are botanical walls. Nature is the ultimate backdrop of freshness, and what better way to introduce that atmosphere to your bathroom than by adding foliage prints on your walls.

While the blooms and plants will definitely not smell and feel as they do in real life, you can complement such walls with natural scents and oils to create a fresh feeling in your bathroom. Add a tropical feel to your bathroom with the use of botanical walls. 

  • Warm and earthy colours

Apart from botanical walls, another trend making its way to 2021’s bathroom renovation ideas is warm earth colours. Natural pigment shades like caramel, terracotta, rust, and darker greens add a natural feel to bathrooms. If you do not like the clinical look of minimalist bathrooms, this colour scheme will definitely work for you.

Try experimenting with your bathroom furnishing as well. Wooden basins, black fixtures, and dark-coloured taps will help you create the traditional atmosphere you may be looking for.

  • Combination of patterns and prints

Bathrooms do not need to always look clinically white. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a minimalist white bathroom in 2021. But if you are on the lookout for a unique bathroom upgrade idea, you have a myriad of options to choose from.

Can’t make up your mind when deciding a theme for your bathroom? Why not create a combination of all options available? Combine the green botanical prints with warm and earthy prints. Put them in contrast against solid backgrounds or simple textures. This will create a dramatic theme for your bathroom. While this can look all over the place, it will look cool and creative if done right.

  • Large tiles

While the past trends have favoured tiny mosaic tiles for floors and walls, 2021 will re-introduce the beauty of having large floor and wall tiles. Having large tiles will affect the way you view your bathroom’s space. With large tiles, an average-sized bathroom can look more spacious and airier.

Apart from a fresh look, one of the best advantages of large tiles is that they are easier to clean. Mosaic tiles are harder to clean since you’ll have lines upon lines of grout. With large floor and wall tiles, it will be easier for you to maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness.

  • Luxurious lighting effect

Lighting might be at the bottom of your list when it comes to renovating your bathroom, but you might be surprised to know that it plays a big part in creating a mood in your place of relaxation and hygiene.

Extravagant and luxurious lighting fixtures will make your clean and fresh bathroom look grand and exquisite. Make a statement with luxurious lighting fixtures in your bathroom now and see how it affects the way you feel when you take a bath.

  • At-home spa

If you’re looking for the ultimate 2021 home renovation idea, you’re looking at creating the at-home spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Going to a spa means taking care of yourself. You’ll be pampered, cleaned, and massaged after every spa appointment.

Recreate this type of feeling by creating an at-home spa design for your bathroom this 2021. From adding steam rooms and saunas, installing massaging showers, to lighting a scented candle and wrapping yourself in a plush robe, you’ll feel every bit as positive and happy every time you take a bath at home.

Let your 2021 Bathroom Renovation Ideas Come to Life with Rila Tiling & Waterproofing

Let your 2021 Bathroom Renovation Ideas Come to Life with Rila Tiling & Waterproofing

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