5 Clear Signs You Need a Laundry Renovation ASAP

Give your laundry room a well-deserved transformation

The laundry room is one of the most played-down parts of the house after the garage or storage room. It is also one of the most neglected. After all, you ever only go there to do laundry, not to hang out. For many, the laundry room is a workspace and therefore does not need much dressing up.

But this is simply not true. While there are people who find laundry a monotonous chore, others find it therapeutic. The fresh, clean scent of clothes and the thought that you have ticked one chore off your to-do list is enough to lift your spirit.

A beautifully organised laundry with well-thought-out details will certainly make the task feel less mundane. The laundry does not have to have that utility room atmosphere; give it a cosy feel by having it renovated.

Why Renovate Your Laundry

Why Renovate Your Laundry?

Just as with any renovation at home, giving your laundry a makeover has its practical and aesthetic benefits. More importantly, laundry renovation can help address issues in the area that may harm your family’s health and even safety. Here are the top reasons to hire a professional renovations team and get your laundry updated:

A lovely work area makes chores less drab and more pleasant. Imagine walking into the laundry so charming and neat; wouldn’t it liven up your spirit? The room is transformed into one that inspires energy, efficiency, and an overall positive mood with renovation. An elegant laundry makes the rather boring job of washing the clothes pleasant.

  • To create a more functional space.

It’s a lot easier to carry out a task if the room is remodelled with function as the topmost design priority.

Creating a more functional space facilitates the job. This could be as simple as placing the washer next to the dryer so that transferring clothes from one machine to the other is more workable without their door openings getting in the way, or installing a countertop and base cabinets to make ironing and folding clothes easier.

It could also be as significant as relocating or completely removing the laundry tub if it’s never really used. This move could free up space for more functional additions, which brings us to the next point.

  • To make way for new, useful features.

Have you always wanted to get an exhaust fan to improve ventilation in the laundry, but an old cabinet occupies the best spot for that? Do you need more room for folding clothes, but your counter space is not enough with all the laundry products and other articles crowding out the place? And do you wish you have more cabinet space to store those items on the counter? Things change over the years, and so do your needs; renovation can make all the necessary updates happen.

  • To make your laundry room blend well with the rest of your house décor.

As mentioned earlier, the laundry is often an easily neglected part of the house. You don’t stick around for long; you just slip in and out.

You are physically and mentally occupied most of the time you spend there so you don’t put much thought into the room — until you realise that the laundry could use more counter or cabinet space. And then you notice how outdated and out of sync it looks from the rest of your home’s interior, which probably sees a periodical update. Make your laundry look equally good and part of your home décor by giving it that much-deserved renovation.

  • Laundry renovation can positively impact your home’s resale value.

Getting your home renovated to meet current standards is always a worthwhile investment. Rooms like the laundry being in tune with the modern needs and style will appeal to the potential buyers. So, if you are considering selling your home in the future, renovating your worn, dowdy laundry and making it elegant-looking and functional will definitely increase its resale value.

Signs That Your Laundry is Due for Much-Needed Renovation

Signs That Your Laundry is Due for Much-Needed Renovation

How do you know it’s time for a laundry renovation? Sometimes, the signs are clear; sometimes, they are subtle. Take a long, hard look at your laundry and ask yourself: does this space meet my needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort? Here are the 5 unmistakable signs your laundry needs an overhaul:

  • Persistent water leak (and sometimes, flooding).

A water leak is a common problem in the laundry; flooding is also not unusual. If your laundry is situated on the upper floor of your house, you might notice the tell-tale sign of water leaks: water stains forming a ring on the ceiling below the laundry. You can often tell there’s a leak without seeing one if you keep noticing a musty smell and damp atmosphere in the room.

Clogged laundry pipes will cause flooding in the laundry. When this happens, greywater has nowhere else to go but back up, overflowing the washing machine and floods the room. You might also notice strange noises when the water is running. Are your water bills suddenly and unexplainably high? Your laundry may be harbouring water leak problems.

  • Water stains, moulds, mildew, cracked tiles, and bubbling or peeling paint.

These things might seem like small problems that can be remedied. But these are signs that can point to water leaks and, if left unfixed, may lead to health and safety hazards and structural damage. Do not ignore these seemingly minor issues because this can result in major repairs when it starts damaging other areas of your home. 

  • The electrical fittings are outdated and are no longer efficient.

Your laundry may not be up to date with the current electrical safety requirements, or you might have appliances in the laundry that do not comply with the product safety requirements. Getting more efficient and regulation-compliant appliances is a safe and wise move.

Though laundry renovation may incur additional costs, it will be offset by the lower water and energy bills you will receive as a result. You might want to check this guide for more information on Liveable Housing Design Elements in the laundry.

  • It is no longer accessible, adaptable, or functional.

Utility room functionality is essential, and we cannot stress this enough! And when a room, like a laundry room, is functional, it makes the accessibility and adaptability principles possible.

A functional laundry room takes into consideration ease of movement (via strategic design and placement of appliances), availability of necessary working space (more cabinets, counter space, maybe a pull-out ironing board, etc.), and simple inclusions (exhaust fans for adequate ventilation and to prevent musty smells on clothes and room, for example).

The Australian government’s liveable and adaptable home guide has influenced the home trends in the country. At this time, older Australians chose to stay in their old homes rather than relocate to an aged care facility. This has led to homeowners having their homes renovated to meet the current standards and the future requirements of its dwellers. You can have an adaptable and accessible laundry room if you consider how your needs might change in the future.

  • It’s dreary.

Worn tiles, rickety cabinets, dull sink and taps… does your laundry give an air of bleakness? Perhaps it’s time for a fresh, new change.

Replace your cabinetry and shelving, flooring, and sinks and taps with new ones. Go for timeless designs that will also match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. Make it fresh and alive with the addition of artwork on the wall and a potted plant in a corner.

Let Us Help You Transform Your Laundry Room

Let Us Help You Transform Your Laundry Room

Home renovation is an excellent way of updating your place and making it look brand new without demolition or extreme modification of its foundational structure. It improves the visual appeal, safety, and functionality of every room in your home. Renovation raises the market value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

For laundry renovations (and any other home renovations) in Newcastle, Morisset, Lake Macquarie, and Central Coast Regions, contact Rila Tiling & Waterproofing. Let our team of creative renovation experts help you in transforming your home into its best possible version! Get a quote to get started, and we will get back to you the soonest we can.