Bathroom Renovations

Planning and executing your bathroom renovations: how to get it perfect and have fun, with no hassle!

We all know that bathroom renovations can be a high-stakes and stressful part of giving your home a face lift. The bathroom is one of the most intimate and important rooms in any home, and is the only room that can’t be out of action for long periods. Rila Tile and Waterproofing understands that bathroom renovations need to be well-planned and quickly executed not only to provide a dream solution for our clients, but to minimise the inconvenience and impact of living without one! Our company has been helping customers kick goals with Newcastle bathroom renovations for years, as well as servicing surrounding areas in the Lake Macquarie and Central Coast regions. The following steps are a broad guide on how bathroom remodelling or renovations should be approached to achieve the best possible outcome. Considering these points will help you not only achieve your dream bathroom, but enjoy the creative process as well.

Planning Renovations

The first things you should consider when undertaking a project like this is whether you have the necessary skill set and time to carry out the planning or the work yourself. For most of us, bathroom renovations should be outsourced to qualified and experienced tradespeople employed by bathroom specialists like us. Bathrooms are extremely niche and specialised in their requirements, and require equally skilled people to carry out the work. To navigate the planning process we advise that you:

Decide on a budget

Have an idea of when you want the work done

Consult and discuss your ideas with a professional

Obtain a quote on the job ahead of time

Planning Renovations​

Designing Your Bathroom

This is easily the most exciting and fun part of any bathroom remodel or renovation process. During this phase you get to decide on what you want to include, remove, or change about your bathroom. This could be anything from choosing the tiles, style and size of shower or bath, colour scheme, functionality or fittings – the list is endless! Here at Rila Tile and Waterproofing we can meet with you at any bathroom or plumbing store to help you pick out components that work with your plan. To help in the design process we recommend that you:

Research and collect your ideas and images

Bring your gathered concepts with you when we meet

Consider aesthetics, functionality, quality and timelessness of design in your choices

Utilise professionals to double check that your chosen components will work within your budget, timeframe and space available

Getting the Work Done

Carrying out the work is a crucial part of the process, and while it might be less exciting than the planning and design phase it is just as important! As we all know, going without a bathroom in your home can be almost impossible, and for that reason most bathroom renovations should be carried out as quickly as possible – preferably in a matter of weeks. In order the get a result that is both timely and of high quality, our strongest suggestion is that you employ the services of a company like Rila Tile and Waterproofing that are:

Highly experienced tradespeople and professionals

Specialise in bathroom remodelling and renovations

Operate locally to allow for quality support and efficient work

Have a portfolio of finished projects and good reviews from happy customers

Provide guarantees where agreed and appropriate on work done and products provided

Rila Tile and Waterproofing

Finishing Touches

Once your bathroom has been completed, some finishing touches will undoubtedly remain to be done. These might be small items like tap fittings, toilet seats, towel railings and all manner of other bathroom accessories. Just like the design process, this is a really fun and satisfying way of wrapping up the project and really enjoying your new bathroom. Rila Tile and Waterproofing can help you pick out the right finishing touches to bring your dream bathroom to life — so contact us today for an obligation-free chat about your ideas!