Biggest Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

A quick guide to bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations can be fun to do, but things can go wrong. Some things must be prioritised, and some must be avoided to prevent problems from arising but, with the right guidance, homeowners can reduce expenditures and make the bathroom makeover more efficient, and here’s how:

Do’s_ Things to Do and Consider When Renovating Bathrooms

Do’s: Things to Do and Consider When Renovating Bathrooms

Here’s a list of things to do before and during a bathroom renovation in order to plan out the spending and space properly. That way, when you select a reliable, skilled bathroom fitter near you, everything will run as smoothly as possible:

1. Do Plan Out the Design

There’s nothing more wasteful than jumping into a bathroom makeover without a clear plan. Doing so is a waste of both time and resources, so be sure to know exactly what the target design of the renovation is.

2. Do Reflect on Day-To-Day Bathroom Activities

It helps to think of your regular bathroom activities when planning out a renovation project. These activities can serve as a good guide as to what necessary features to add or remove.

For example, if a particular bathroom is regularly used for grooming, a well-lit vanity would be great. On the other hand, if it’s a bathroom that guests only use for freshening up, then a toilet and sink are enough.

3. Do Be Mindful When Choosing Tiles and Surfaces

Choosing suitable tiles and surfaces is more than just for aesthetic appeal – some are sturdier than others and are less prone to breakage. The ease of maintenance and cleaning is also affected by the tiles used. The key is to be mindful of how different materials would function in the bathroom and consider how easily these can be cleaned and maintained. That way, your bathroom fitter’s work will last a lot longer and be even more useful.

4. Do Keep Ventilation in Mind

Bathrooms are always moist and poor ventilation can cause a ton of inconveniences – mould, mildew, musty odours, and stale air are just some of the problems poor ventilation can cause. To avoid this, be sure to plan how air can flow more smoothly when doing a bathroom renovation. Installing large windows and ventilation fans can help.

5. Do Note the Available Space

When deciding on which fixtures to install during a renovation, it’s important to note available space and remember that small spaces can work just as well as large ones. Hybrid fixtures and items, in particular, help save space, such as:

  • Toilet and sink hybrids
  • Hanging toilets
  • Hanging shelves
  • Mirror and shelf hybrids
  • Outward-opening doors

Also, just because the fixtures can fit doesn’t mean they should be installed. If the space gets too cramped, it might be best to find a good substitute.

6. Do Innovate

Renovations seek to make bathrooms better, so why not innovate at the same time? There’s a multitude of innovative items available that can make bathroom activities more convenient. Some of these include:

  • Sensors: There are automatic sensors available for faucets. There are also sensors for automatically turning lights on and off.
  • Smart lights: These can be used to decrease or increase light brightness, as well as changing light colours.
  • Smart plugs: Use these for remotely turning electronic bathroom items on and off.
  • Smart mirrors: Smart mirrors can be programmed with different functional features like time, weather, and calendar appointments.
  • Smart windows and glass dividers: These can be programmed to become completely transparent, translucent, or opaque, based on need.

These are just some of the more useful items that bathrooms can use. There are many others – look around to see what may fit well with the renovation project.

7. Do Prioritise Eco-Friendliness

Not only is it important to select a reputable bathroom fitter in the Hunter Region or the Central Coast, such as Rila Tiling & Waterproofing, it is also imperative to consider the environment in your choices. Eco-friendly options don’t just help the environment; they can also reduce water and electricity consumption. Some useful ones to note during a bathroom renovation are the following:

  • Low-flow showers and faucets
  • Solar-powered water heaters
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Greywater options

8. Do Increase Storage Options

Storage options can help bathrooms look much less cluttered. Shelves, stacking boxes, drawers, and wardrobes are excellent options. Installing these should be planned out early on during bathroom renovation, so do not skip that step.

Don’ts_ Things to Avoid During Bathroom Renovations

Don’ts: Things to Avoid During Bathroom Renovations

There are also some things to be avoided when doing a bathroom renovation. These are some don’ts to take note of:

1. Don’t Rush

Contractors need ample time to work properly on a bathroom renovation. Continually pestering them to rush won’t help, and this may do more harm than good. Similarly, if you’re doing the renovations yourself, allow 50% more time than you think you’ll need – just in case.

2. Don’t Compromise Quality for A Lower Price

It may be tempting to go for an item of lower quality at a lower price point, and this is acceptable in some cases. However, if the quality is severely compromised, then consider getting the more expensive item. Balancing price and quality are what creates real value.

3. Don’t Go for Too Many Designs at Once

Be sure to stick to the bathroom makeover design plan and work from there. Minor adjustments can be made, but don’t clutter the envisioned design too much. In many cases, this can lead to a bad outcome and bigger expenses.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Go A Bit Over Budget

The budget is there for a reason, so it would be wise to stick to it. However, if a little extra expense can elevate the quality of the bathroom makeover, why not go for it? Going a bit over budget is okay as long as the costs aren’t high. Better still, allow a percentage extra for contingencies within the initial budget to give yourself some wiggle room and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

5. Don’t Splurge on Trendy Items

It’s tempting to spend exorbitant amounts on trendy items – they look great, and they’re a conversation piece. It’s useful to note, though, that trendy items come and go. What’s trendy today may be tacky tomorrow. Instead of jumping on the trendy bandwagon, go for style and function. This is the wiser choice, especially if the budget is limited – as is always the case.

6. Don’t Remodel All Bathrooms Equally

Not all bathrooms see the same amount of activity. As such, it would be wise not to renovate all bathrooms equally. Being discerning with what to renovate helps reduce the money, effort, and time spent on the project. Take note of the regular activities done in each bathroom and start planning from there.

Plan Your Bathroom Makeover Carefully with Us

Plan Your Bathroom Makeover Carefully with Us

Bathroom renovations can be difficult to do without proper help. Fortunately, we’re here for you, and Rila Tiling & Waterproofing is a company that is great at this job.

Rila Tiling & Waterproofing is made up of a team of professionals that you can trust your bathroom makeover with. See more of our work by clicking here, or call us on 04 3576 3797 for more enquiries and we can help you achieve the bathroom you have always wanted.