Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2021

Some hacks to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger and more appealing

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean cutting back on style and luxury – space constraints should not hamper the need for grandeur and comfort, especially for those who are cooped up in their homes most of the time during this pandemic.

These small bathroom renovation ideas for 2021 include some classic and modern retro designs.   As with all home renovations, they are best left up to the bathroom fitting specialists in order to achieve the best look and best finish in a timely manner, although it is possible to make cosmetic changes yourself. The styles below vary from lavish to budget-friendly to suit different circumstances. Have a look and see what you think.

13 Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

13 Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

From luxurious and expensive to minimalistic and warm, these bathroom renovation ideas have something for everyone. They were put together with small bathrooms in mind but can work for larger and more spacious ones as well.

1. Hotel Luxury Bathroom

Travelling within Australia may not be as restricted as last year, but a lot of people remain apprehensive about leaving their home. While many dreams of camping, going to the beach or just chilling in a hotel or resort, they would rather stay at home until this pandemic is over or at least contained. So, they think of ways to bring a semblance of vacation to their home. One example is to renovate the bathroom to recreate the luxury found in hotels.

Renovating a bathroom to resemble that of a hotel will require using bold taps and other luxurious fixtures. They are then toned down with a neutral colour scheme such as greys and light browns. Overall, the aim is to create a visually impressive and ultraclean bathroom.

2. Double Showers

Why cram in the shower when couples can enjoy each of their own? This must be the “in” thing because double showers have become a trend in bathroom renovations. Not enough space? No problem. Having a double shower is possible by foregoing the bath or removing some chunky cabinets or organisers.

3. Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower can easily transform an old and tired bathroom into a modern one. Getting rid of the door or one panel creates a cohesive flow and, therefore, more space. This also means whoever cleans the bathroom has one less panel to worry about.

4. Floating Vanity and Mirror

A floating vanity maximises floor space and reduces the visual weight of the bathroom. The open space underneath the vanity, plus the floating mirror, creates an illusion of more space. This combo is fast becoming a trend in modern Australian homes and is difficult to achieve by doing it yourself, but a skilled bathroom fitter like the guys at Rila Tiling & Waterproofing, in will be able to handle the job for you. Going for mirrored cabinets is also a great way to save on space, and it is best paired with a floating vanity to achieve that extra roomy feel.

5. Similar Floor to Ceiling Materials

Here is a bathroom renovation hack: Use the same large-scale tiles or similar toned tiles and panels to create a cohesive flow from floor to wall and add a similar material for the vanity and a matching colour scheme. The bathroom would look larger than it really is. Feature tiles and busy walls lack this continuity, thus making the bathroom look cramped and tiny.

6. Go For White

A predominantly white colour scheme gives an illusion of more space and a white floating vanity, shelf and vertical subway tiles can help to achieve this pristine look for the bathroom. On the other hand, white tiles with black grouting are a cost-effective way to add texture and pattern to the bathroom and bathroom fitting specialists will do the tiling for you in no time.

7. Monochrome is beautiful

A bathroom, no matter the size, can appear beautiful and luxurious with the right colour scheme. Luxe finishes, such as different shades of black and grey with white accents, can make this happen.

8. Backlit Mirrors Add Character and Mystery

Backlit mirrors are becoming popular, with more than 39 million search results on the Internet. They brighten the space while adding a luxe feel to the bathroom. This makes them a suitable addition to any modern bathroom. 

9. Basins In Bold Colours

Use coloured basins to add a focal point to any neutral bathroom. These basins complement metallic faucets perfectly, and they work well with gold and brass wall mounted taps.

10. Fluted Details and Finishes

Ribbed surfaces add tactile, visual delight to a modern bathroom. Glass shower doors with vertical fluted designs allow light to pass through while offering a much-needed privacy. Reeded wall finishes and fluted details on cabinets and vanity units provide subtle interest to anyone touching it.

11. Minimalist Ambience

Everyone seems to be in the mood for organising and keeping bathrooms spick and span – it has almost become a revolution. A modern minimalist bathroom is no longer seen as stark and sterile. In fact, pared back designs are considered tranquil and relaxing.

A floating vanity will make the room seem bigger. A clear glass shower door instead of a shower curtain, and large, glossy ceramic tiles, will add to the illusion of more space. Getting rid of the bulky vanity also means throwing away years-old moisturisers and other cosmetics that no one ever uses.

12. Warm Earth Colours

A cold and clinical bathroom is a thing of the past. Warm earth tones set the mood for comfort as well as turn the heat up in modern bathroom designs. Use tiles in earthy colours and with tactile finishes. A black basin or black taps will provide a beautiful contrast and definition to these earth tones. Untreated timber can also add to the warm mood.

13. Black Is Elegant

Those who want nothing less than elegant can try going black. Use different shades of black for tiles, taps, mirror frames, and vanity edges to achieve that ultra-sophisticated look. A black toilet, basin and bath are bold additions that greatly enhance the mood and feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations fitted By Reliable Experts

Bathroom Renovations fitted By Reliable Experts

Some bathroom renovations are possible to do yourself, but if you want your bathroom renovations done right, let the experts do the job. They know the problems that can arise and how to fix them. They have the expertise and skill, saving you time and eliminating the risk of a bad finish.

Rila Tiling & Waterproofing has been in the business for over 20 years, helping customers like you renovate, waterproof and retile their bathrooms. Fully insured and licensed tradies provide high-quality workmanship and use only the best materials available. Get a price quote today or call us at 04 3576 3797 for enquiries.