Why is Substandard Grout so Bad?

Why is Substandard Grout so Bad

Your grout must be of high quality and should be applied correctly.

Grout is a hugely important part of your tiled flooring or walls, because it fills the spaces between each tile. However, people often pay little attention to the grout used, focusing instead on the tile type and colour instead. In fact, when the grout is damaged or stained, homeowners may hardly even notice.

You probably know that grout can help maintain the beauty and practicality of your bathroom and you may know that grout keeps the tiles together, in place. However, you might not know that grout does more than that.

Extra Functions of Tile Grout

As with any material, your tiles expand and contract with changes in temperature. Grout allows the tiles to naturally expand and contract so that they won’t crack, chip or warp the tile pattern.

When high-quality grout is used and applied properly, your floor and wall tiles will last much longer. Using the right grout is can make all the difference in your bathroom renovation and installation, giving your walls and floors a beautifully finished look.

High quality grout also keeps dirt and moisture from getting under and in between your tiles. Most importantly, it adds to the strength and durability to your tile areas.

Common Problems with Low-Quality Grouting

Common Problems with Low-Quality Grouting

When the grout is low-quality or incorrectly applied, many issues can occur. These issues may seem minor at first, but they can worsen over time. Here are some common problems that you may encounter when using substandard grout:

1. Cracking

Cracking in your grout can be caused by the use of substandard ingredients, improper installation or air gaps, where the grout can break and fall. It is also difficult to work the mixture of grout and water into the right consistency if the grout is of low quality. When the mixture of the grout and water is not right, it can likewise result in cracks.

2. Uneven Colours

It is not just the colours of your tiles that matter; the colour of your grout matters too. Grouts come in a variety of colours for you to choose the right colour that will look right with your tiles.

You can either choose monochromatic or dichromatic grout colour – A monochromatic grout colour blends with the colour of the tile, making your tiles stand out, whereas Dichromatic grout colour contrasts with the colour of your tiles. It can be lighter or darker than your tiles, forming an attractive grid pattern.

Uneven grout colours can disrupt the desired look of your tiled area. There should not be any changes in the colouring of your grout. Uneven colouring can be caused by errors in grout-mixing. Low-quality grout can also have uneven colour pigment between different grout batches – you may not be able to achieve the right shade of colour that you want for your bathroom.

3. Dirty-Looking Grout

Low-quality grout also tends to look dull over time. You will find that your grout will be challenging to clean, showing more wear and tear sooner than expected. Substandard grout is not as durable and may look worn for its years.

4. Moisture Problems

Grout prevents moisture from seeping into the subfloor and High-quality grout maintains its waterproof quality for a long time. When cracks form in the grout, it can cause more problems than your floor looking unpleasant. Moisture can also soften your grout, making it even more susceptible to further damage, letting water into the base of your floors. Excess moisture in the floor base can cause uneven flooring, pushing your tile upward. Eventually, it can loosen your tile off from the surface.

5. Mould Growth

The presence of moisture in your subfloor can also result in the growth of moulds or mildew which can eat away at your grout, causing more serious damage and even some health problems, as mould spores start to mix with the air you breathe.

Why It’s Important to Address Bathroom Issues Immediately

Why It’s Important to Address Bathroom Issues Immediately

Bathroom issues can cause serious inconveniences. Your bathroom should be a relaxing place, where you can wash away the grime and dirt of the day’s activities and so there are many reasons why you may need to renovate your bathroom, such as:

  • unwanted tile colours or styling
  • existing issues such as plumbing or ergonomics
  • cracked grout or tiles
  • the existing bathroom in a newly purchased property may not be to your liking

Whatever the case, if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, it is crucial to work with a trusted contractor. A reputable and experienced contractor can provide you with high-quality materials and specialised services to fit your needs and requirements.

A beautiful, elegant, and modern can be your selling point should you decide to sell your home in the future. Most home buyers are attracted to bathrooms that look polished. It can also increase your selling price and increase your chances of getting a favourable deal.

Of course, you can renovate and remodel your bathroom for your own comfort and preference. Who wouldn’t want a chic, modern, and comfortable bathroom? It is where you begin your day with an invigorating shower and end your day with a relaxing bath. It deserves all the attention and love as all the other rooms in your house.

Call Rila Tiling & Waterproofing for Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

Call Rila Tiling & Waterproofing for Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

Do not just entrust your bathroom renovation to the first company you find. Your bathroom deserves to be fixed and remodelled by highly-experienced professionals such as Rila Tiling & Waterproofing who specialise in bathroom renovations. You deserve a beautiful and highly functional bathroom that will stand the test of time. Call us now on 04 3576 3797 for a free consultation or visit us at Rila Tiling & Waterproofing.